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Easily fundraise for your school or organization


Organize a fundraiser easily, with little to no work from you. You choose your santa hat styles, colors, and any other features you would like for your fundraisers, such as ribbons or specific patches. We then set up a page specific to your organization, such as so users can easily find your page. Supporters of your organization are then able to go to that page, purchase a Santa Hat, and either have it delivered to their home, or your organization where they can pick them up.



Santa Hat Fundraisers

You can pick out the design of your page, including text and images to be displayed.  You can choose what options are available for users, if any, including the choice of whether they may add their name to the santa  hat, or if the hat will simply just display the name of your organization.


You can choose pricing for your santa hat, which we can discuss with you further when you are ready. Depending on the styles and colors you choose, we will tell you the base price of the santa hats, and then you may raise the price further to your selling point. After all orders are placed and your fundraiser is complete, Custom Santa Hats sends a check to your organization based on what has sold. The base price of each hat can decrease when more hats are ordered. You will be given the base price based on quantity ordered: the more you sell, the higher the discount on the base price, and the higher your profits!


This fundraiser can be customized for any organization, including schools, school organizations, health and cancer awareness, cancer research, autism awareness, and many more. Contact us today to get started with your fundraiser!


  • You Pick the Hat

  • You pick the style

  • You pick available options

  • We mail your hats

  • We send you money!


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